Gold, Glitter, and... Dinosaurs? The Ivory & Beau Experience!

What is the Ivory & Beau experience?

Is it layers of tulle and organza and lace? Is it glitter and gold and lots and lots of dinosaurs?

Here at Ivory & Beau, we like to think of ourselves as a pretty laid back bunch. We love what we do, and we take pride in helping brides to feel the love, too. While we are a bridal boutique, we're also so much more: on top of carrying bridesmaids gowns and wedding accessories, we also offer wedding planning, floral services, and calligraphy.

We're busy little bees, but oh, the joy on our bride's faces when their dreams come true makes our action-packed days so worth it.

Surrounded by gowns and flowers and sparkly things of all sorts, the best of our days at the shop are usually spent with our sweet brides. It’s safe to say that bridal appointments are often the best part of our workday!

Brides are often curious as to what they can expect on their first visit to the shop, and while we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, consider this blog (featuring gorgeous shots by Apt. B Photography!) your handy-dandy guide on the I&B appointment process!

Your dress shopping adventure starts at the door, where you will be greeted by one of our shining faces! You’ll also meet your consultant for the first time; consider her your new bridal bff. Together, you’ll sit down and discuss some important deets. We’ll ask you about everything from your wedding date and the styles you’re interested in to your budget.

Once we’ve got the full story, it’s time to move on to the fun part: picking out the gowns you’d like to try on! We’ll show you and your bride tribe how the dresses are organized by style and price before you browse. The selection of gowns we have available changes as trunk shows and styles come and go, but we’re always happy to point you in the direction of gowns that might pique your interest!

When it comes to choosing gowns, we find that it’s best to start small. You’re always welcome to go back for more, and your consultant will be able to help you to choose gowns based upon what you did and didn’t like in your first round.

While you’re browsing, feel free to take a look at any of the other goodies we offer. From veils and belts to blingy earrings and tiaras, we’ve got all your bridal accessory needs covered. We’re sure to be extra impressed if you can spot all the dinosaurs we’ve got hidden around the shop!


Your bride tribe might even be able to take a peek at our bridesmaids gowns, too!

Once you’ve made it to the fitting room, your consultant can help you with all of the little zippers, buttons, and laces that always seem to be just out of reach. When it’s time to show your gown off, feel free to add a veil or a belt to jazz things up!

Your consultant (aka your bridal bff) will be available to offer practical advice, answers to any questions, and offer lots of oohs and aahs throughout the entire process. It’s our job to maximize fun and minimize stress, especially when you’re shopping for your dream dress!


After you've had a chance to admire yourself in a dress, your consultant will usually ask you questions about how you feel about the gown. Don't be afraid to be honest; your answers won't hurt our feelings! We want to make sure you find a dress that you are truly happy with.

Don't get discouraged if you don't find the one right away. Finding the perfect wedding gown is often a trial-and-error process, but trust us: the payoff is so worth the search!

And when you've finally found the gown of your dreams, it’s time to ring the bell and pop some prosecco to celebrate!

Your consultant will also assist you in filling out order forms and making your deposit. Once you’re all set, we’d be happy to take your picture with our I&B bride sign-- hand-painted by our very own lead planner and bridal consultant, Mckenzie (pssst… she does calligraphy for weddings, too)! Keep an eye out for your snap on our Facebook and Instagram pages, too!

If you need some more time to make your decision, we’d be happy to schedule another appointment before you leave, or schedule an appointment online once you get home!

When all's said and done, we want your Ivory & Beau experience to be filled with lots of love, lace, and laughter-- and maybe a few dinosaurs, too.

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Apt. B Photography

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