Wedding Gown Preservation: Finding Your Gown’s Happily Ever After

There is no greater joy than finding the wedding dress of your dreams--except, perhaps, finding the love of your life--but hey, the gown comes in at a close second. Once your wedding day has come and gone, all your pictures are taken, all the night danced away, what becomes of your dream dress? 

Girl, don’t just shove her in the closet and forget about her. She was there for you on the best day of your life! 

If you’re looking to turn your gown into the literal keepsake of a lifetime, you might be interested in a wedding gown preservation kit. While most things only get better with age, wedding gowns can be spoiled over time, and a preservation kit is the best way to guarantee that the integrity of your dress is never compromised. 

Even if your gown looks perfectly clean when you go to put it away, subtle stains and other invisible damage will only worsen with time. Spills from food and beverages will oxidize over time, turning your gown yellow prematurely. Perspiration and other body oils can also break down certain fabrics and make them brittle. Yikes! 

A gown can sustain damage even when wrapped in plastic or zipped into a garment bag. Fumes from the plastic can speed up the process of oxidation, and any wrinkles from a large skirt being gathered into a garment bag can permanently crease the gown. More often than not, wedding dresses are weighed down by beading and full skirts, and after spending years on a hanger, this weight can stretch out the fabric of your sleeves/straps and ruin the original shape of the dress. 

This past November, our beautiful bride Stephanie showed us the true value of wedding gown preservation. At her reception, there was a gallery including not only her mother's preserved wedding gown, but her grandmother and great-grandmother's gowns as well. It was an awesome and endearing personal touch. We just love that these dresses can provide so much joy time and again! 

Take all the time you need to enjoy your new marriage (‘cause you earned it, girl), but you definitely shouldn’t procrastinate purchasing a kit to preserve your gown. It may be a bit of an investment, but think about how much time you spent picking out the perfect dress… nobody wants to pull their gown out of storage to find that their precious memories have been moth-eaten. 

Interested in purchasing your own wedding gown preservation kit? Learn more about the kits that we offer (as well as other wedding planning services that are available) here

Written by Paige Grieninger

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