Hollogram Hottie- Hayley Paige Sparkle Squad Bomber Jacket

Hey guys! So if you haven't heard, the Hayley Paige trunk show is coming is NEXT WEEK and if you haven't made an appointment then, you're missing out. One, because it's Hayley Paige and that's a no-brainer! Second, if you buy a dress from the Hayley Paige trunk show you get a super cool, bad-ass, awesome glitter bomber jacket that says "Sparkle Squad"! How awesome is that?!

Here are a few ways to get glammed up with your Sparkle Squad bomber jacket! The jacket is all over sequins so I wanted to give some accessory options that didn't take away from the jacket but would still show off your killer personality!


To start off, I chose these super cute chokers from Olive + Piper! They have cute accessories that are unique, that are actually affordable! The first necklace I have picked is the Ellie Dot Choker. It's delicate and minimalist, if that's what you like!

Second up, we have the I Do! Necklace Set! Getting married is one of the most exciting things! And if you have that awesome jacket, then you definitely need these necklaces. They're still delicate and aren't going to overpower all the sequins. You will definitely be ready for your bachelorette weekend with this!

Last up for our necklaces, we have this Double Orb Choker which would be ideal for someone who enjoys the super unique trendy look. You're already going to look like a bad-ass with your bomber jacket and for sure make you the coolest girl in the room!  

Ellie Dot Choker- $28        I Do! Pendant- $48         Double Orb Choker- $28


Nail polish is one of the best ways to accessorize without having to do much! You can add interesting colors to your look without even putting on anything else. Especially with these jackets, less will definitely be more. All of these options can be found at Julep.

When choosing nail polishes, I wanted to provide a neutral color that balanced out the jacket. I love this muted purple by Julep! It's called Gracie and it's perfect, not just for your new jacket, but also for every day!

I love this Eve by Julep as well! It brings a little bit of glitter to the table, but it's still tame and will complement your jacket all the way.

This last color, Cancer by Julep, is probably my favorite of the bunch.  It's metallic rose gold that will make you the center of attention no matter what!

Gracie- $14        Eve- $14       Cancer- $14


Last up are earrings! These options all come from Olive + Piper as well! When wearing a over-the-top, kick-ass jacket, you're going to want earrings that are just as cool but don't take over the rest of your look.

These Noah Ear Jackets are seriously the coolest. They're fierce, unique and will only make you look even more awesome once you have the Sparkle Squad jacket! These earrings add some more sparkle but aren't over-the-top.

For the girl with a boho heart, these Eden Fringe earrings are for you! They're modern but still wild and if we're going to be honest, cool as hell. There's no way you wouldn't turn heads with this look!

The last earrings we have are the Leah Studs. They're a bit more understated than the other two, but don't underestimate them. They have a pretty shape that's so one-of-a-kind and will be the sweetest addition to this standout jacket!

Noah- $36         Eden- $34        Leah- $32

We are so excited for the trunk show next weekend and we hope you are too! We're going to be getting insanely beautiful dresses that we can't wait to share with our amazing customers.