Rain, Rain- Don't Go Away. It's Good Luck on Your Wedding Day

If you're anything like the legendary singer Seal, you also probably can't stand the rain. However, rain is inevitable. You can only look out for it, plan for it, and do your best to remember your umbrella. The only thing you can't do is make the rain go away. 

When most brides dream of their perfect day, they don't picture it with a full on downpour. Especially if they plan an outdoor wedding! It's hard not to be glued to your weather app the week before your wedding. Especially when there's even the slightest chance of rain.

Don't stress too much. If you've heard the old wives tale, rain is actually good luck for your marriage! (Not gonna go too deep on this, but according to Hindu tradition it's good luck because rain makes a knot harder to untie- because of "tying the knot.") Rain is also symbolic of cleansing away problems, a fall of good fortune, or blessing the bride with fertility. One modern interpretation is that if it does rain on your day, and everything goes smoothly, it's a sign that your marriage will be a success because you can handle obstacles that come your way.

Also, you'll get some pretty awesome pictures! 

Although it's not the most ideal situation, the most important part of that day is marrying the love of your life. All the things that you've been worrying about for a year, will all seem silly when the day comes. Whether it's downpour or a light drizzle- don't let it rain on your parade!

Regardless, you'll be singing in the rain!  

Nicole SchwalgeComment