{Guest Post} Summer Wedding Trends

While June has always been dubbed the wedding month, the month that ushers in the first days of summer actually is not the most popular for saying “I Do.”According to survey results collected by The Knot, September and October include more couples falling into wedded bliss than any other month.

From the time of year a couple chooses to exchange vows to the colors that they select to represent their big day, the styles and trends of weddings change each year. And while couples have turned their sights to cooler months of fall, next year spring could be the next big rage for weddings.

For couples in the midst of planning their nuptials—and who may even be saying “I Do” this fall—here are the hottest trends in weddings for 2017!

 Photography by  Mackensey Alexander , Flowers by  Ivory & Beau

Photography by Mackensey Alexander, Flowers by Ivory & Beau

Colors & Hues

Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year. So, of course, this bountiful color that echoes the beauty of nature is popping up in weddings. Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera told Brides magazine that metallics and white will be popular palette choices for weddings in 2017 and into 2018. Looking into fall, Pantone’s picks include Ballet Slipper pink, Grenadine (a hot orange red), Tawny Port (a brown wine), Butterum (a warm caramel), Navy Peony (classic navy!), Neutral Gray, Shaded Spruce (more green, but this one is more teal mixed withan evergreen tree), Golden Lime (the bright and bold hues of lime is muted with a yellow undertone), Marina (a cool ocean blue), and Autumn Maple (rich, buttery and described by Pantone as “tawny and russet”).

 Photography by  Jenna Davis , Flowers by  Ivory & Beau  

Photography by Jenna Davis, Flowers by Ivory & Beau 

Technology Trends

Many couples incorporate technology into their wedding day. For 2017, the tech savviness of weddings has been boosted by the popularity of wedding photography drones and 3D printed party favors. Couples also are using Image Mapping effects to add pizzazz to blank walls and even the cake; image mapping can project images onto any surface to bring exotic locales closer to home or to add a new element of design to the wedding site…or cake!

 Photography by  Meghan Melia , Flowers by  Ivory & Beau  

Photography by Meghan Melia, Flowers by Ivory & Beau 

Sweet Choices

Frosting is so old school. Today’s wedding cakes are naked, with frosting sandwiched between the layers and fruit can be used as both a topping and a decorative element for the pastries. The Knot also reports that metallics are nudging their way into the cake décor, and hand-painted wedding cakes featuring intricate designs also top the list. For the ultra feminine bride, adding ruffles to the cake also is en vogue for 2017.

Fabulous Foods

Forget the traditional buffet, brides and grooms are option for customized menus. Whether the cuisine features local flavors and produce or even a down-home barbeque or picnic, it’s cool to be unique with wedding food. And, yes, bring on the food trucks…because even those mobile restaurants can be reserved for your wedding!

Wedding trends come and go, and each year something new and exciting pops up that brides gleefully embrace. Whether it’s a naked wedding cake, paper flowers or a drone photographer, new trends also create new and unique ways for couples to make their ceremony completely their own. Embrace the trends or adapt them for your day…because a wedding is the time for your personality and your style to shine!

Post by Shannon Lochwood