I am really really really really really really really excited for this trunk show. Chic Nostalgia is romantic and a touch bohemian and I am craving some boho vibes so much!!! When we first opened we were way more boho than we are now so it's about time we get some super bohemian fabulous glamorous beautiful dresses up in here!!!! So are you ready for it?!!? I am.

If you're new around here and aren't really sure what I mean by trunk show, it is when we get a collection of dresses from a bridal designer collection that we don't normally carry so that brides can check out dresses that are only available for a limited time. I love trunk shows because it's an opportunity for brides to try on dresses and fall in love with dresses that aren't normally available in Savannah. It's such a fun experience because then you can pretty much be sure that none of your local friends could ever have something that looks the same! And these ones y'all are so good. Here are some of the styles we will have and be sure to click below to schedule your time to shop!! 

I spend hours looking at wedding dresses and for wedding dresses. And when I ran across Chic Nostalgia I knew I wanted to see more of these dresses because I fell in love. They have that bohemian vibe that is subtle and unique while not being too boho. Does that even make sense? It makes sense to me... they have traditional silhouettes with unique gorgeous fabrics that give them their own style. 

I think that one on the rock is going to be my favorite... I just love the romantic silhouette and neckline and that lace looks soooo good.

To book your appointment to come shop click below! We can't wait to meet you!!!!