What does every bride need to keep her sane during the wedding planning process?! Her girls of course... There is nothing like the girls by your side to talk all things wedding all the time. Am I right?! So... it's time to celebrate the girls in your life who are going to walk by your side as you marry the love of your life... the bridesmaids!!!! 

We earlier this year started carrying bridesmaids and now our collection of bridesmaids dresses includes 59 (& getting 20 more soon) styles in a variety of fabrics, colors, styles. The bridesmaids styles we have are all hand-picked by us with a few things in mind... We wanted to offer brides options that are stylish & fashionable, comfortable and really really pretty. No cheesy tacky omg-why-am-I-wearing-this styles found at Ivory & Beau.

Nope, our styles will compliment your wedding dress and help pull together the entire look of your wedding. With a variety of shapes and fits we have a style for every size girl so that they can feel amazing and not hate you for putting them in something unflattering. The color options we have are gorgeous not tacky or bold in a terrible way but just simply gorgeous. My personal favorites? The jewel tones of course... from wine to burgundy to deep purples and fuchsias, the colors are simply perfect. 

And if you know us at all you know we love a good excuse to party. So just in time for the holidays we are having our first ever annual bridesmaids party the first Saturday in December 12/2 to celebrate the ladies in your life! Here is the rundown of what will be happening at Ivory & Beau: 

  • $30 off bridesmaid dress order placed on December 2nd only
  • $20 off coupon for future purchase on bridesmaid dress through the end of January 2018
  • Joanna August bridesmaids trunk show -- because as if 59 dresses weren't enough to choose from we will have the entire collection from Joanna August for more gorgeous choices for your ladies
  • Rodan + Fields specials -- 10% off your purchase >> my personal favorite include the Lash Boost and the Undereye Brightener, perfect for making those lashes flutter and under eye bags disappear to look your personal best on your wedding day! R+F has a TON of options to choose for so finding your perfect skin regime can be easy and painless. The products also make awesome gifts for mom? Grandma? Yourself? ... But really, who doesn't want to look their BEST on their wedding day!? [You can see my eyelash results here and I've only been applying for ONE MONTH... here is my before.] 
  • Brass Arrow Boutique Pop-up Shop -- Savannah's newest online clothing boutique will have a rack of goodies available for purchase! 
  • Body Bronzing Savannah specials -- I don't know about y'all but I love spray tans and Body Bronzing Savannah is the perfect for your wedding Day. We will be giving out 2 coupons that you can use... Free bridal with party of 3 girls booking spray tans for wedding day OR engagement session + bridal session for $75 (normally $55/each). 
  • Cupcakes & champagne -- because no party is complete with these things... 
http://myrandf.com/ivoryandbeau to shop all products -- e-mail Nicole ivoryandbeau@gmail.com with questions!

http://myrandf.com/ivoryandbeau to shop all products -- e-mail Nicole ivoryandbeau@gmail.com with questions!

You ready to come party with us? The best part is to get awesome deals no purchase is necessary on the day-of... you can just come in pick out your top styles and we will enter all the details into your profile so that you can finalize your options later. And drink champagne while you're at it. Click below to schedule a time to come by!! Bridesmaids appointment times are 1 hr. 

Not convinced yet that you want to come play dress up with your girls?? Well, scroll down to see some of the styles that we now carry!! 


First, let's talk Joanna August. These dresses I am kind of obsessed with because bohemian!? Hello. These dresses are trendy, flattering and just straight up fab. I am in love with the off-the-shoulder style and long-sleeved dress. A lot of the Joanna August dresses are wrap dresses so are super comfortable and easy to wear. With chiffon fabrics that are so soft and dreamy, these dresses are just fabulous. During the Bridesmaids Party we will have even more of these options available but here's just a peek of a few of the styles!


Next up from the Arroh & Bow collection, we may only carry 2 of the styles but with this dress 2 styles is not really just 2 but like 100 styles...


We love options and so that's why we love our new Arroh & Bow Infinity Dresses. These styles can be tied in so many different ways I feel like the options literally are as many as infinity... Also, the dress itself is sooo freaking soft I wish I could wrap my whole body in it and never leave. The fabric is stretchy as well so I'm kind of love with these. The best part? Alterations would definitely be minimal... I personally would only have to have a hem done because I'm super short, but other than that the straps allow for the dress to be completely customized to how I want to wear it. We have this dress in long and short and it comes in so many color options!

I also love that this really is a dress I would totally rock after the wedding. I love this fab post on the dress!! 

Next up, if you know me you know my designer crush is Hayley Paige. She is probably the cutest freaking thing ever and I just adore her styles. Blush by Hayley Paige is one of my favorite lines and so umm hello, Hayley Paige Occasions, I love you too. 


The collection of bridesmaids from Hayley Paige is seriously stylish I can't believe I'm actually saying but I wish I could be a bridesmaid again so I could rock one of these styles. My personal favorite is the one with the little crop top overlay (left above) and the long sleeve style below. I also love that some of these styles are a bit more modest and so hello mother of the bride and mother of the groom!! We have got some styles that would make your moms feel so glamorous and so beautiful and so stylish. 

Last but not least, our very first bridesmaids line we carried -- Jenny Yoo. These dresses are romantic, sweet and so stunning. These dresses are timeless and very popular among brides and bridesmaids as well. The patterns are sweet and so popular that some of the floral patterns are currently discontinued because they are so amazing. So with this line, if you love it you got to just do it before it's all sold out it is just that damn good. 

Bridesmaids dress lead times are approximately 4-5 months so ordering 6-8 months before your wedding to avoid rush fees is recommended. To come party with us click below & we hope to see you and your fab girl squad soon!!! xoxox, N

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