Five Awesome Features of Joanna August Bridesmaids Gowns

Let’s face it, ladies: the bridal market is flooded with options. Finding the perfect bridesmaids dress can be downright impossible, given how many choices you’ve got to pick from! Choosing bridesmaids gowns that coordinate with your vision for color, fit and style without breaking the bank isn’t out of the question--especially not with Joanna August!

1. Joanna August gowns are flattering for gals of all shapes and sizes. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: wrap gowns look fabulous on all body types. This timeless shape defines the waist and elongates the legs. They may be part of a bridesmaids collection, but these gowns are also the perfect fit for the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom! 

2. Take your bridesmaids’ winter look to the next level with stylish sleeves.

Delicate, sheer sleeves are simply perfect for our mild southern winters, and Joanna August is the master of the long-sleeved bridesmaids dress! Don’t worry ladies--these gowns are nothing like the puffy shouldered dresses of the eighties. 

3. Joanna August gowns can and will be worn again and again. 

Practical and fabulous? Nothing is too much to ask for when it comes to Joanna August. These simple gowns come in classic shapes that translate well to any event. Your bridesmaids will surely thank you for choosing gowns that can be used time and again. 

4. Lovely lace and flowy chiffon: fabric options fit for any look! 

Can’t decide on a fabric? Most Joanna August gowns come in styles that feature lace or chiffon. Combine the two for a fabulous array of texture that will pop in your pictures.

5. Bridesmaids separates? Yes please!

Mix and match with bridesmaids separates to create a look that is truly unique. Pair a flowy top with a short skirt for a sweet and simple look, or go full boho with a halter and a wrap maxi skirt. You don’t have to keep each piece the same color, either. Go all out and see what dynamic color combos you can create! 

We could rave about how lovely Joanna August is all day, but nothing does the collection better justice than a little face time. Come celebrate your bride tribe with us Saturday, Dec. 2nd, where the star of the show is bound to be Joanna August bridesmaids collection. If you start the ordering process on the same day, you will receive $20 off each dress! Say whaaaaaaat?