How to Plan a Unique Wedding

Let’s face it--in the age of Pinterest, we’ve all seen plenty of cookie cutter weddings. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classy’n’classic, we love the challenge of planning a wedding with a little extra pizzaz every now and again. For all those who seek adventure, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you add a little more whimsy to your wedding day.

1. Jazz it up with an open mic.

Are you blessed with a ton of talented guests? Invite your musically inclined friends and family up for an open mic night you’re sure never to forget. Create a song list to keep things personal or allow your guests to surprise you with a selection of their own.

(Photo by  Rach Loves Troy )

(Photo by Rach Loves Troy)

(Photo by  Izzy Hudgins ) 

(Photo by Izzy Hudgins

2. Pick the colors that make you happiest.

Speaking of keeping it personal, don’t be afraid to stray from the herd. Pick your favorite colors, not just what’s trending. Ditch the blush and head for hot pink if that’s your style. Feeling neutrals? Mix and match shades of white instead of simply choosing one. Your options are truly limitless.

3. Food doesn't have to be ultra-fancy to be delicious!

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to planning the perfect wedding--especially not when it comes to catering. Multi-course meals don’t have to be the standard. Consider incorporating your favorite foods instead! Love burgers? Have a burger bar. If you fancy tex-mex, create your own taco stand. Opt for a donut wall or a cotton candy machine for dessert instead of a traditional tiered cake. Let your tastebuds and your imagination run wild!

(Photos by  M eghan Melia)

(Photos by Meghan Melia)

4. Spice up your party activities!

While photobooths are a fun and easy way for your guests to create some epic party mementos, you can always jazz it up with a few alternatives. Build a tattoo station complete with your own temporary tattoos. Sites like Tattly can provide custom tattoo designs! If you’re looking to indulge your inner child, have a face painting booth or hire a caricaturist to draw you and your guests having the time of your lives.

(Photos by  Meghan Melia )

(Photos by Meghan Melia)

5. Make your decor more interactive. 

Make your reception more interactive. Instead of (or in addition to) flowers and candles, set games out at each of the tables. Connect 4, peg games, electronic football… your guests can entertain themselves or get to know each other better after a little friendly competition. Provide coloring pencils and coloring books for kids and adults alike. If there’s a long wait between cocktail hour and dinner, provide edible arrangements or decorative candy for guests to snack on.

Remember, your wedding day is about what you and your partner want. Piece together all of the things that make you smile the widest and forget the rest. The memories you and your guests make will always be unique to you!

(Photo by  A partment B. Photography)

(Photo by Apartment B. Photography)