Tips and Tricks: Advice from I&B for Planning Your Dream Wedding!

Here at Ivory & Beau, we love the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. There’s just a certain kind of thrill to be found in checking every box, calling every vendor, and ordering every piece of decor! The best feeling in the whole wide world has got to be when we finally get the chance to take a step back and look at how everything’s fallen perfectly into place. 


This week, we’ve got a few tips to help your wedding planning experience go smoothly so you can get a taste of what that special moment is like! 

1. Set a budget -- and stick to it. 

This can definitely prove to be a challenge, given the breadth of options available to you, but we can always help you to find a compromise that doesn’t break the bank. Trust us, you and your wallet will be so much happier for it. 

2. Hire a planner.

Wedding planning is our area of expertise, after all! Wedding planners often have devised a system that helps the process to move along smoothly--not to mention efficiently. We’ve planned so many weddings that we’ve got it down to an exact science. From venues and caterers to decor and timelines, your wedding planner will keep you on track and on budget while keeping your vision at the forefront of the process! 


3. Stop looking at Pinterest once you’ve found a theme. 

Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration, but it’s no exception to the concept of “too much of a good thing.” Don’t overwhelm yourself with massive pinterest boards. Instead, pick a few select images to for you and your wedding planner to review as you design the perfect look for your big day--you’ll thank yourself later! 


4. Stay organized.

Any good wedding planner will tell you that in order to master the art of planning a wedding, you have to stay organized. Create checklists or timelines, buy an agenda dedicated to your wedding, write yourself sticky notes--whatever you’ve got to do in order to stay on top of things. 


5. Ask questions.

Make sure, make doubly sure, make triply sure. Our mascot may be a dinosaur, but we promise we don’t bite. If you aren’t certain about something, your wedding planner is always available to answer questions--or find the answer for you! Read advice blogs and don’t be afraid to speak to any family or friends who have planned weddings. They’re sure to give you sage advice tailored to your needs! 

6. Take it one step at a time. 

Remember: baby steps are still progress. Start early and start slow. Figure out a list of things that need to be done and organize them chronologically. Following your method of organization from the start will keep you from steering off track and getting behind and will help to minimize stress. Don’t try to do everything at once! That’s what we’re here for. Speaking of...

7. You are NOT alone! 

Nobody understands better than the I&B team that wedding planning can be a stressful process for all parties, no matter the joys it may bring, so find a support system. Lean on friends and family whenever you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, and don’t forget that your wedding planner will always be available to address any concerns and soothe any worries. We’re all in this together! 


8. Go with the flow.

It isn’t worth it to stress over minor glitches! It’s perfectly fine to be a perfectionist, but nobody wants to tear all of their hair out before the big day. We find that couples always turn out the happiest when they’re willing to be a little flexible in their vision.


Are you looking for a wedding planner to assist you in making sure your big day goes off with a hitch?  Ivory & Beau offers wedding planning packages! Click here to learn more about which option works best for you. 

(Pssssst... looking for a handy dandy at-a-glance guide? We love this infographic from! Save it on your phone or desktop for a little extra guidance... you never know when you might need it.) 

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Apt. B Photography // Cake: Wicked Cakes of Savannah //  Styling, Gown, and Florals: Ivory & Beau