Guest Post: Videography & Style - All the Advantages of Including Your Videography Team in Your Style Guide

We are thrilled to welcome self-taught videography expert and blogger Helen Clark as a guest author this week! Clark will guide you through all the necessary steps to make sure that everyone is on the same page for your big day by involving your video team with your wedding style guide!

There are countless advantages to involving videography team while creating your wedding style guide.

Don’t confuse “style” with “stylish.” Stylish is ephemeral, and what’s hot can shift from season to season. Your style, however, is a much more personal reflection of what kind of couple you are, and how you want to approach your wedding. When you begin planning your wedding it’s vital to consider the style – it will define how you plan and handle all of the various aspects of your wedding, from the venue to the décor, to the reception, and – yes – the videography and how your videography team will shoot the wedding and perform the wedding video editing to create a lasting memory reflecting the style of the wedding.   

How does video reinforce your wedding style choices?

Creating the perfect style for your wedding takes planning. And to preserve the memories of the choices you’ve made, you need to have your videographer on board before the big day. Wedding video editing isn’t just a matter of cutting together pieces of footage. If your wedding video professional knows the details of your style choices, they’ll be able to capture footage to reinforce your style and then incorporate it seamlessly into the finished product. Let’s examine just a few ways your stylistic choices can be reinforced by your videographer. 

Indoors versus outdoors:

This may be one of the most crucial style questions of all and one that it will certainly be a good idea to involve your videographer and his team with. While an indoor location offers a controlled setting for light, sound, and more. Outdoor locations offer more dramatic scope to the videographer while offering you a greater opportunity to express your style through the choice of venue. Having the videography team in the loop will provide them an opportunity to scout locations and acquire landscape shots that will enhance their work when they begin the wedding video editing.

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Your wedding's "vibe."

Will your wedding be formal, or more casual? These are important stylistic decisions to make, and involving your videographer in your determinations is a smart move. Videographers who understand that the event will be formal will tailor their shooting style to capture the gravitas of the event by using fixed cameras, slow pans, and composing shots that lend an air of dignity to the proceedings. If your wedding's vibe is less formal, they can adjust their shooting style to match by utilizing more mobile, handheld cameras, and creative angles. And when doing the wedding video editing, they'll be able to match the editing style to your stylistic ideas as well.

Stylistic keys and cues:

One of the key elements that define a wedding's style is the details. Floral arrangements, place settings, and items of décor – all of these help define the style and set the tone of the wedding. Your videographer can use these elements as part of their video composition to introduce scenes, or as transitions. The use of footage of this type, known as “B roll” footage by video professionals when doing quality wedding video editing, helps tie together the various parts of the video with elements that are an integral part of the wedding's style.

Working together:

It's easy to forget how the wedding video editing process can be improved by involving your videographer and his videography team in the planning for the wedding. A seasoned video professional can build their presentation around the many details you work through when determining the style of your wedding, helping preserve a memory of the day that will truly reflect your style. 

How did videography take real I&B weddings to the next level?

Shot by: Jeff Gentner & Keith Morgan // Edited by: Anna Swenson // Color Grade: Geofredo Cortez

Christina and Greg looked oh-so-in love on their wedding day, and through the use of B roll, their videographer managed to craft the perfect representation of their joy! We love all the little glimpses into their reception--not to mention all of those dreamy looks the happy couple shared!

Alex and Lissette's wedding video is jam packed with intimate detail! With a wedding this intricate, it was important to them that their videographer included all of the little pops of personality they included in their decor. We are swooning over every shot of the pair behind the dream catchers!  

Kelsey and Joey embodied classic southern romance, and their videographer captured their personalities perfectly. From the adorable and personal letter to that very first kiss as husband and wife, Kelsey and Joey's charm shines through every frame! 

Take your wedding video to the next level by including your videographer in every step of the process. While your memories of your big day will never fade, if you make the effort to coordinate a well-organized plan for your video with your videographer, you're sure to be reminded every perfect little detail--forever!

{Vendor Credits: Christina & Greg Videography: Jeff and Mollie Weddings // Alex & Lissette Videography: Ivory and Iron // Kelsey & Joey Videography: Paragon Filmworks}

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