{Swooned} Stairway to Matrimony

When your boyfriend's friends is one of the owners of a badass music studio in Savannah, GA and you are there late at night listening to them mess around with recording songs while drinking red wine this is what happens. Well, not the shoot but the idea for the shoot.... A vision was created for a funky fun and edgy wedding inspiration shoot at their studio with lots of greenery and fun creative details. So we made it happen with a badass group of vendors who helped us bring the vision to life. The entire shoot is up on Swooned today so be sure to head over to see all the little details!!!! And if you're wanting to have your wedding or rehearsal dinner or birthday party or whatever at The Garage than you should definitely contact us because we are dreaming of getting to help plan and style a musically inclined event here... !!!! 

For the shoot we had McKenzie get creative with some different designs. She handmade these marbled envelopes and also handmade the backing of the invitations. If you were to actually have a wedding or party at The Garage it is not the sort of formal sit-down environment so we had her also make cards telling guests to get up and mingle. The venue itself has a lot of artwork and cool things to look at so we feel like it'd be fun for more of a cocktail hour style event. Oh and to go along with the name of the shoot inspired by the spiral staircase and a Led Zeppelin song we had her make a "Stairway to Matrimony" sign for the couple to hold. 

If you don't know already I am in looooooooooove with Blush by Hayley Paige. I mean if we're being honest here I'm in love with Hayley Paige herself just in general. She is so fabulous and her wedding dresses are just as fabulous. This dress is one of my favorites ~ I love love love the lacy fitted bodice and the trademark horsehair rimmed fluffy skirt. The combination of lace with the horsehair funky bottom felt so perfect for the shoot - a touch girly but still edgy and sexy. 

The shoot felt more masculine than a lot of shoots we have done so we felt like the "signature drink" also had to be something masculine. And since the shoot was supporting the local music studio we wanted to also support a local brewery so the drink of choice? Service Brewing Co. keg and beers. What better way to a musician's heart than with some beer? Maybe don't answer that. Instead of the usual cocktail tables, we used drum kits instead!

For food we kept it appetizer and tapas style, so guests can nibble and interact! Thrive did such an amazing job making yummy little bites, like peach shooters and chocolate covered popcorn. We love how Thrive focuses on organic eating, as well as perfect presentation. Each piece looks like a work of art, and have such great colors! For the table setting, we used a large wooden table as the head table, with a lush greenery garland, complete with tapered candles throughout. Record Mr. and Mrs. signs reserved the seats for the bride and groom. 

So the real star of the show was Rupert, our model, and friends, dog! I mean c'mon, how freaking adorable is he? I really think he must have been a model in his past life. Or maybe he was a rockstar. He was definitely at some point in the spotlight because he was chumming it up the entire shoot and it was awesome.

Going along with the whole more masculine style of the shoot it just didn't feel right to have flowers. So instead the shoot was filled with more greenery than filled a Ford Escape. We greenified the stairway to matrimony, the table, the bouquet was made of only greenery, and Rupert got a greenery collar as well. Not going to lie, the entire shoot kind of feels like my boyfriend & my home decor style... 

Last but not least, when this rad van parks outside and you see if and you have no idea who's it is it just doesn't matter and we run outside as quickly as possible with our faux couple and take pictures in front of it since the vibe jives perfectly with the retro music studio shoot. Yup, thank you to the owner of this pale yellow VW bus. Your car is now famous. 

Huge thank you to all of the vendors who helped us bring this shoot to life!!!!! If you are interested in shopping Blush by Hayley Paige or getting information on our planning services & floral design click below! xoxoxo, N

{Vendor Credits} Design, Bridal Boutique & Florals: IVORY & BEAU // Photography: MACKENSEY ALEXANDER // Bridal Designer: BLUSH BY HAYLEY PAIGE // Venue: THE GARAGE // Catering: THRIVE CATERING // Bar: SERVICE BREWING CO. // Vintage Rentals: LILLIAN’S CHINA // Hair & Makeup: ROYAL MAKEUP & HAIR // Earrings: ADELE AMELIA // Stationary: MCKENZIE DOES CALLIGRAPHY // Bride: KEELEY COLLETT // Groom: MATTHEW SALTER