VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Harper Fowlkes House

One of my favorite parts about being a Savannah wedding planner is getting to work at new wedding venues that aren't necessarily "new" per se but are new in the sense that it's my first time working at them. And Harper Fowlkes House was no exception. This venue is historic, beautiful and just plain magnificent. It is what I think of when I think quintessential Savannah. 

What I love most about the Harper Fowlkes House is the history surrounding this venue. It's not just a pretty house... Here's a brief background about the venue, but you can read more on their website

The house was built in 1842 but the original owner, Stephen Gardner, had financial problems (hopefully not because of the beautiful house he was building!) so he sold it to his brother who then sold it a year later. Throughout the 1800's the house went back and forth to several families (you can read more here.) Fast forward to 1895 and there was a major renovation done to the property. The staircase was moved from adjacent to the dining room to the back of the house to increase the dining room side and they also added a top floor for then owner, Isabel's, 5 Irish slaves. The house was named the Harper Fowlkes House after owner Alida Harper Fowlkes who purchased the house in 1939 for $9,000. After her death she left the house to the Society of the Cincinnati in the state of Georgia, an organization of direct descendants of George Washington's officers during the Revolution. A quite spectacular woman, you can read more about the history of Alida here

The Harper Fowlkes House has a beautiful courtyard with brick, a fountain, surrounded by greenery and shrubs and a back building. This is the perfect area for an intimate Savannah wedding, such as was Rachel & Johnny's. The couple were wed under the birch arch with flowers in front of their closest friends and family with a reception that followed inside the home. 

When planning your wedding at the Harper Fowlkes House, specifically talking design and florals, I love incorporating the colors that are already all around to avoid clashing with the natural beauty all around. Think neutrals, ivories, soft pastels and lots of lush greenery.

The enchantment doesn't stop as you enter the house, which is filled with beautiful antiques, vintage furniture and decorated in grandiose style. A real gem in Savannah, no doubt. 

When designing the details for Rachel & Johnny we incorporated a deep navy blue into their color palette to play on the vintage antique pieces already in the Harper Fowlkes House. The guests sat on the antique table in the main dining room and dined in a superior setting with a very sophisticated vibe. I mean how often can you say you dined in a house that's more than 150 years old?? 

Some interesting facts about the interior design of the Harper Fowlkes House can be found on their website here. Some of the facts I found particularly interesting - the home is known for its chandelier collection, which were made around 1847 by Cornelius Company in Philadelphia. The house retains the same chandeliers; however, they were transformed from being gas chandeliers to electric. That mahogany dining room table shown above was made in 1835. But seriously, I don't know if there are many historic venues in Savannah with such divine antiques and history.


To see Rachel & Johnny's intimate Harper Fowlkes wedding click here, and to learn more about this historic Savannah wedding venue click here. And on that note, we can't wait for our next Harper Fowlkes House wedding this fall!! And if you are interested in learning more about our wedding planning and/or floral design services click below! We would love to be a part of your Savannah destination wedding, no matter what size - big or small, we do it all! 

{Photo Credits} Apt B Photography // Florals: Ivory & Beau