Target Wedding Registry

Who out here loves Target as much as we do!? Target is one of those stores I can get lost in every time so much to the extent that my boyfriend actually refuses to go in there with me when I say let's just go to Target for groceries..... But really, I especially love all their new home decor that is always coming out and I am counting down the days until I get to move in a few weeks with my boyfriend because I just can't wait to start buying all the cutest new things from Target. So with that being said, I'm here today to talk about the Target Wedding Registry and all the rad cool things that you can get from Target!! 

First things first, setting up a wedding registry with Target is super easy. Almost too easy. As in so easy I am highly tempted to create a Birthday Registry for myself and send to all my friends & family... But seriously, all you have to do is click the button above to get started! Here is some inspiration and some of my top picks that are available right now!! Wow, I actually feel like I'm simultaneously writing a blog post while also sharing my own personal birthday wish list... oh well here goes!! 

How cool is this marble serving board?! Wine and cheese party anybody?? 

Coolest. Coffee Table. Ever. Period. I love anything and all things modern & geometric and this is just so badass. Would. Make. Living. Room. So. Epicly. Cool.

Do you have a list of items that once you acquire you will feel like then maybe you finally have hit adulthood? Or is it just me? Well, having a super fancy ooh-la-la blender is one of those things for me. Someday I will have a blender that makes smoothies and cauliflower mashed potatoes like that's it's job and it will be the easiest thing ever. Oh, someday...

I asked Adrienna what's one item she would put on her registry right now and she said barstools. I am kind of in love with these funky retro hip barstools. Not sure it would fit in her coastal abode but I loveeee them. And speaking of chairs...

I saw these ones on Target a few weeks ago and am soooo close to buying them. I am in love with them so much and just need to figure out if they would look cool with my mid-century modern dining room table and black eames style chairs... Hmm.... yup. Decorating is going to take over the rest of my free time life but that's okay because it will totally be rad when I'm chilling at home in a well styled 70's retro vibe house... yup....

So can't forget about the importance of having a cleanly house too... This Dyson vacuum that has an ANIMAL CANISTER (whatever that is...) sounds seriously badass and so perfect for an animal friendly home, such as mine with my 2 pets that groom each other constantly and are always shedding everywhere. Oh someday... 

Okay, so enough about things for the home... Target is also perfect for wedding decor!!! Here are some more of my top picks that would be perfect for completing your wedding day!! 

How about some fancy tropical napkins to jazz up your bar?! 

Or the cutest lil sign for the cutest lil ring bearer & flower girl!?? 

Oh my gosh I want this cake stand for my house too. Love anything and all things wood combined with marble. 

Also love all things gold and shiny. It's like once you look you just can't look away. How awesome is this guestbook with the gold font. Would also look really cute after the wedding too for your coffee table or bookshelves...! 

Alright last but not least, how about some sparkly shiny chair signs?! I love these for the sweetheart chairs with some blooms and greenery on the top of the chair!! 

What items are a must-have for your wedding registry? We love to hear what you have to say and be sure to click below to get signed up for all the pretty fabulousness for your wedding day and life after the I do's!! 


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