Cake Crush

I like to think of cakes as not just a yummy delicious dessert but also as an extension of the design and style of your wedding. So here today is a round-up of some of my favorite wedding cakes we have seen at our weddings! 

Michelle & Johnny's wedding cake was an idea Nic and I came up with together and then worked with Wicked Cakes to bring to life. Michelle was stuck between doing a watercolor cake and a Mexican inspired art colorful pattern. I said... let's do them both. It was the perfect extension of their wedding style - colorful, bold, fun and playful and I love how it turned out!! 

Daniela & Pedro's wedding cake was a show-stopper just like every other detail of their wedding day. Their wedding was romantic, sparkly and had the most amazing details. The color palette featured soft pinks with bold pops of gold and so this gold foil wedding cake with the watercolor blush backdrop by A Squad Bake Shop was spectacular and fit with all the decor perfectly. 

Maureen & Nick's tree wedding cake was seriously perfect for their bird-loving DIY wedding. And I love the touch of the N+M on it reminiscing teenage love carving their initials into the tree.

Sabrina & Ivan's wedding cake was a Ukrainian wedding cake that also included a reading to explain the tradition. Here's the excerpt from the bride explaining the tradition:

Leonora (my sister) will be reading the following statement/speech thing: 

“ The ceremony you are about to witness is an old tradition, one that has been performed at many of our family weddings. It consists of three separate items: bread, wine and salt. 

Each are symbolic and are presented as blessings that we give to the bride and groom. 

We begin with the breaking of the bread. The parents wish that their children will go without hunger throughout their marriage. 

As we pour the wine, we encourage the bride and groom to open the doors of their home to their family and friends. We also wish that the bride and groom enjoy the sweetness and beauty of life. 

As we sprinkle the bread with the salt, we ask that the bride and groom accept the bitter and the sweet throughout their marriage. 


(the bread sprinkled with the salt is offered to the bride and groom and their parents. together they taste the bread and drink the wine )

And here is a round-up of some of our favorite cakes bakers have designed for inspiration styled shoots we have done!! 

Inspired by The Lumineers' song "Home Is Wherever I'm With You," this cake was rustic, playful with a touch of modern detail. I love the different components of this unique cake by Hall of Cakes for our Rustic shoot at the Wyld.

This girly mid-century modern cake by Wicked Cakes was perfect for our Pool Party shoot at The Brice. Playful and fun yet still with a modern detailed design.


This modern Southwestern styled cake by Blue Note Bakery was adorned with feathers, a lush bloom and a succulent. The style was simple yet with the details made such a perfect statement for our shoot in Austin, Texas.

And we can't forget about the men in our lives and the awesome groom's cakes out there... here are 2 of my favorites we have seen at our weddings!!

When your groom loves Game of Thrones so much to have Chris Dooley play it on the violin as the recessional to the ceremony it only makes sense to have a crown as the groom's cake like Nancy had made for Matt. Obsessed with how amazing this cake turned out!!! Oh, and the coolest part is the crown was made with rice krispy treats covered in chocolate. Yup, it was freaking delicious.

Lauren surprised Ben with a groom's cake replica of the Stanley Cup. He was beyond thrilled when it was revealed... See pictures here of how excited he was!!! 

Which cake is your favorite? Would you have a funky fun cake for your wedding or opt for something more timeless and traditional? Would love your feedback! Also, if interested in getting information our wedding planning packages click below! We would love to hear about not just your wedding cake plans but all the details of your big day!

{Photo Credits} Colorful Cake via Michelle & Johnny by Wicked Cakes, photo: Jeff and Mollie // Gold Foil Blush Cake via Daniela & Pedro by A Squad Bake Shop, photo: Izzy Hudgins // Tree Cake via Maureen & Nick by Tier Luxury Cakes, photo: Once Like a Spark // Rustic Cake via The Wyld Dock Bar Shoot by Hall of Cakes, photo: The Happy Bloom // Mid-century Modern Cake via Pool Party Shoot by Wicked Cakes, photo: Apt B // Feather Cake via Modern Southwestern Shoot by Blue Note Bakery, photo: Shalyn Nelson // Game of Thrones Crown Cake via Nancy & Matt by Tina Arnsdorff, photo: The Happy Bloom // Stanley Cup Cake via Lauren & Ben by Epicurean Delight, photo: Ulmer Studios