Cats & Weddings

Well goodness gracious, I had pretty much just written a super long and super amazing and super hilarious blog post on how to incorporate cats into your wedding and then Squarespace went and decided to freeze on me so here I am starting from scratch with an angry face on. This time I guess I will just be saving every few sentences just to be sure my genius penmanship does not vanish into the netherworlds of the internet. So.... cats. Who out there loves cats as much as Adrienna & I? We seriously love our cats. We both own 2 -- I have Tigger & Roo, Tigger the boy and Roo (aka. Fat Belly Roo Bear.) She has the biggest lil belly, not like she's the fattest cat ever but in comparison to her tiny lil head, her belly is completely non-proportional. It's okay though because she is the prettiest lil thing and I even made her her own Instagram hashtag. Also, total side note... you should follow us on @wilburandfriends if you love cats as much us. 

So but really... cats. I love cats and I love weddings. So why not somehow incorporate cats into weddings? It's like one of my favorite things ever. So today I'm here to show how some of our clients have incorporated cats into their weddings to hopefully inspire you to have your pets be part of your wedding day as well, because let's be real... they're not just pets, they're our children, our family. 

1. Random cat signage & decor, need I say more? I love this idea too because if the decor are random items you have decorating your house then that's free decor you can use to decorate blank spaces at your wedding, such as the food buffet, bars or gift table. Or if it the things aren't already random items you have decorating your house then why not buy random decor items that you love and use them at your wedding AND THEN decorate your house. Brilliant if you ask me. 

2. You had me at cake. But really, how adorable is Ember & Adam's cake topper that was handmade and has the couple with their beloved furry friends? Cake toppers similar to these are available on Etsy and can be customized to your hair color and your cat's hair color. Yup, love love love so much that I just want to buy one that has me and my 2 cats and put it in my house just for fun. Or maybe I should buy one for my birthday cake topper.... hmm... is that weird?

3. I think Rachel is one of those people who loves cats just as much as me. Rachel is one of my friends who also got her dress at our shop. For her something blue she had Shirley, an alterations specialist we work with, make a cat icon out of one of her dad's blue shirts to sew into the under layer of her wedding dress with her wedding date. Love that this is a touch of cat that is also something blue and is more subtle for those cat lovers who don't want to have cats in their wedding guest's faces. Although, that was not the case of Rachel & Jonny's wedding because we had cats everywhere and it was amazing.... scroll below for their wedding awesomeness...

4. Who doesn't love a good photobooth with the coolest awesomest raddest personalized props? I can't even tell you how excited I was about making these cat masks for Rachel & Jonny's wedding day. We loved using them for photos with their photographer and then in the photobooth later at night. So much fun and such a fun silly surprise!!!!! 

5. We also had so much fun making these cat table #'s for Rachel & Jonny's wedding too. Cats were literally everywhere and it was so awesome and so fun. We also hid little mini gold cats in the terrariums. 

6. Tiffany was one of those rad brides whose personal style was so funky, fun and unique. She not only rocked a custom blue wedding dress by Faith Thornburg from Ivory & Beau but she also found this awesome vintage cat lace applique on Etsy and then had our accessories designer, Adele Amelia, make this custom bow headpiece, which she rocked after her ceremony. Rad right?! **If you are interested in a custom bridal accessory (veil, sash, headpiece, garter, and the list goes on...) contact us at (912)200-4794 to schedule an appointment with the designer!!

7. I love funky ribbons around bridal bouquets. It's probably one of my favorite things and this cat ribbon Tiffany found for her bouquet was so phenomenal and awesome. It fit perfectly with all the colorful details of her wedding day and it was just an awesome perk that there was a silly black cat in the middle.

So yup basically we just really love cats. So if you are a bride or groom looking for a wedding planner who loves cats as much as you or if you are just looking for a wedding planner who is weird, funky, and open to all the possibilities and loves anything unique and different, well... you've come to the right place. We are your girls. To get more information about our services click below! We can't wait to hear from you about your wedding day!!!! 

{Photo Credits} "All You Need is Love & a Cat" Sign, Cat Statue & "You Had Me at Meow" Sign, and Cat Cake Topper via Ember & Adam's wedding, photography: Mackensey Alexander // Something Blue Cat in Dress, Cat Masks, Cat Table #'s via Rachel & Jonny's wedding, photography: Rach Loves Troy // Cat Headpiece & Cat Ribbon via Tiffany & Sean's wedding, photography: Izzy Hudgins // Rachel's Cat Tattoo via Rachel & Jonny's wedding, photography: Rach Loves Troy // Xiao's Cat Tattoo, photography: Apt B Photography