Convertible Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the hardest parts of picking a bridesmaids gown is finding one that fits every girl in your party. Everyone has different shapes, and what they are comfortable with wearing. I for one, wouldn't be caught dead in a slinky satin number, I have way to much booty for that. Which is why we love the Nabi collection by Jenny Yoo! It's one dress, so many ways! The Nabi collection comes in multiple fabrics, colors, and patterns. So you can really mix and match! Convertible dresses can be worn so many ways, allowing each girl in your party to pick what top looks best for her. You can keep it strapless, do a one shoulder, do a halter, do a criss cross.. the possibilities are seriously endless! Which is why today we each talk about our favorite look! So we gotta know, what look is your favorite?

Adrienna's vote: The one shoulder. I'm not a fan of strapless, I don't have a large chest so I feel like they just look funny on me. But I love a good one shoulder! It shows off just enough skin, while covering part of my chest. I love the look of a big bow on the shoulder, like the lavender gown, but you can also keep it sleek like the blue. 

Nicole's vote: I think this would be Nic's vote too. Both Nicole and Nic have a great chest, so they can do strapless with ease! Plus it's a classic look. And the best part of these gowns? Totally re-wearable! So you can wear is strapless for the wedding and change it up the next time you wear it.

McKenzie's vote: Mckenzie loves an off the shoulder, and so do we! I love using the tulle gowns for this look. You can widen the straps for a wispy look, or make them thinner to show more back. Both are so beautiful!