SHOP TALK: Veils. Do or don't?

Veils are either a huge do or don't for brides. Some think they are cheesy and un-needed, while others dream of a cathedral length following them down the aisle. And I get told all of the time "I don't want anything covering my face". Or that they look too old school. We love veils at Ivory + Beau! And I know not everyone will want a veil, but here are some great reasons why you should consider it, and maybe even try a few on! Who knows, you might fall in love with one. 

It's a once and a lifetime thing: You only get to wear a veil once. It's the only day you can wear yards of tulle on your head and no one will batt an eye. Actually, they will probably be crying. If there is any part of you that think you might regret wearing one, we say go for it! They don't have to cost an arm and a leg either. We have some great options starting at $100, from a simple one tier, to some gorgeous lace options. Whether you wear it all night, or take it off after your pictures is up to you. But you will never get a change to wear one... so why not rock it for a few minutes!

It makes a timeless keepsake: Often times, you want to preserve your gown for future generations. And we still think you should! But sometimes people forget about passing down a veil. We have had so many brides use an heirloom veil that might have been worn by their grandmother or great grandmother. There is so much history in the item, and is something they can pass down generation to generation. Plus, you won't have to worry about it going out of style. Unlike dress trends (hello 80's puffy sleeves) a veil is a timeless tradition you can pass down.

It doesn't have to cover your face: Often time brides think of veils, and they think of the big puffy ones that have a ton of poof and a blusher. You don't have to have a blusher! While we love the look of them, they are not for everyone. Any veil can easily have the blusher (the part that goes over your face) removed. 

You can still do a veil with a flower crown: We often have brides who have a dream of wearing a flower crown, but arn't sure if a veil would be too much. The answer? It's your wedding day! Do it! We love having it tucked in right under the crown, so it looks like it's flowing from the flowers. See two of our brides below, who rocked an awesome flower crown and a veil.

They make amazing pictures: There is no denying. A veil adds so much to wedding pictures. Whether it's wrapped around the bride and groom, or just graceful flowing in the wind, veils are to die for. They add such a touch of romantic beauty, and our brides always tell us some of their favorite pictures from their wedding day are of them in their veil. 

{Photo Credits - From left to right} Once in a lifetime: Six Hearts PhotographyJade + Matthew // Keepsake: Rach Loves TroyKatie McGee // No blusher: Finnegan Photography, Mackensey Alexander // Flower Crown: Izzy Hudgins, Rach Loves Troy // Amazing Pictures: Izzy Hudgins, Alea Moore Photography