Why Savannah?

Why get married in Savannah, you ask? Well, let me tell you in about as many ways as I can think. 

1. The weather in Savannah is perfect for weddings almost all year round. My favorite months have definitely got to be April, September and October in Savannah. Not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect. With the average temperature in Savannah during these months being in the 80's it's just delightful and so perfect for a wedding. It's always funny because when I go to other parts of the country or when talking to couples planning their destination Savannah wedding they always say things like, "oh, I bet July and August are the most popular wedding months in Savannah." But oh no... it is way too hot in Savannah for a summer wedding. That being said, there are some really fab venues that offer relief from the heat if you really want your wedding in Savannah during the summer. 

2. Restaurants, restaurants and more restaurants. You guys, I can't even tell you how much I absolutely love the restaurants in Savannah. There are so many good ones AND they aren't crazy over-priced (for the most part.) I mean seriously... I can't even tell you how many times I've gone in vacation and tried new restaurants and been like wow, I sure do miss Savannah restaurants. Some of my favorites are Treylor Park, The Wyld, Blowin' Smoke, Flying Monk, Zunzi's, Sweet Potatoes, Sorry Charlie's, Social Club, Tequila Town and I could seriously go on and on for awhile. I can still remember one time my dad visited and asked me for some recommendations for Savannah restaurants to check out and off the top of my head I completely filled a whole page of restaurants I love in the Savannah area and he was shocked. Just think of how pleased your guests will be when they get to visit for your Savannah wedding not only a beautiful historic city but also get to eat really good food without breaking the bank. 

3. Tybee!!!!! I know, Tybee Beach isn't a crazy big huge beach like some of the others along the Eastern coast, but I guess that's why I love it and what gives Tybee it's charm. It's a quaint beach that has refused to become mainstream. It has some great places to eat as well and is a fun day-trip. Also, if you want the beach wedding but still love the historic vibe of Savannah you can easily have a day wedding on the beach then transport your guests back to town on one of the many local Savannah trolley companies. 

4. Historic charm. Yup, Savannah is frequently voted one of the best cities for destination weddings in the United States and part of that is greatly due to the fact that it has such historic charm. From River Street with its cobblestone streets, to the many historic forts scattered around town, to the horse carriage and trolley tours, to the spooky and most likely haunted cemeteries... there are so many tourist activities for your guests to enjoy. Guests will love traveling to Savannah for your destination wedding because it won't just be a wedding weekend but they will also have a plethora of activities to check out. Plus there are more historic squares to choose from than you can even count on one finger for your wedding ceremony!!! 

5. The shopping just keeps getting better. Yup, you heard that right. This is a tad dangerous for me personally, especially since H&M (my favorite store ever) is opening soon on Broughton Street... but still. Broughton Street in the heart of the historic district is being developed currently and the new stores going in are providing so much fabulous shopping. Savannah will eventually not just be known for all those other things listed 1-4 but soon for its shopping as well. 

Okay, so I could go on for a long time but I guess I'll just keep this blog post to my top 5 reasons why Savannah is an awesome city for destination weddings. I guess the biggest point here is that it's such a fun destination to visit and so if you are looking for an awesome place to travel to and have guests travel to then why not pick a city that guests will actually want to come to!? Savannah weddings are beautiful in a beautiful city with beautiful things to do and beautiful weather. And that is why I left Oregon without even turning my back once, Savannah you have stole my heart for good. What are your favorite things about Savannah? x, nicole

{Photo Credits} Moody & Stormy on Tybee Island: Obscura Photoworks // Emily & Robert at Georgia State Railroad Museum: Mackensey Alexander