STYLED SHOOT: Australian Outback

When you have a work trainee from Australia, of course you have to do an Australian shoot! Nic has been with us this year helping us with wedding planning, and she was the perfect model for this shoot. In searching for the right venues, we came across two perfect locations. For a sunset ceremony, we found a secluded marsh on the edge of Savannah, with wild brush and trees everywhere. It had the perfect outback feel. We set up a teepee with layers of rugs, pillows, and even a didgeridoo for the groom to serenade his bride. The ceremony was set against a handmade greenery backdrop, woven in chicken wire and strung across a birch arch. There were even antlers added. For games, we borrowed a cricket set from Savannah Cricket Club, so our bride and groom could have some fun before the ceremony!

For reception, there is nothing better then an Australian coffee house! The Collins Quarter features signature coffee's inspired by the owner's Australian heritage, as well as a delicious food menu. They provided some of their signature dishes, and we gathered up our favorite Australian dessert. The cake was done by Rum Runners and featured, what else, but a kangaroo and koala cake topper! For the his and hers signature drinks, each featured Bundaberg Ginger Beer, an Australian staple. For the stationary, we wanted it to have a postcard and outback feel, with geometric patterns and scenic landscapes. 

We chose a 3/4 sleeve gown with champagne lining for our bride, that is the perfect parts boho and sophisticated. Our bride wore boots so she could easily walk through the outback. Our groom had his signature mustache trimmed to perfection, and his favorite hat from Goorin Brothers. When it came to the flowers, we wanted to keep it wild and free, with queen annes lace, berries, daisies, kale, mums, lotus pods, roses, and antlers.  Thank you to Wendy at Apt B Photography for the amazing images! And make sure to check out the feature up on Burnett's Boards!

The first part of our shoot took place at The Collins Quarter. One of Savannah's newest coffee bars, this place has become ultra popular! We love the modern vibe, with a mix of rustic brick and stone walls. Collin's quarter brings Melbourne's historic Collins Street to Savannah, with a hip Australian vibe, amazing drinks, and a delicious menu. This place was the perfect spot for our shoot! For their signature trunk, we used Bundaberg beer to make our own Aussie Mule (in copper mugs of course!) The cake by Rum Runners was SO perfect! A rustic cake, with the cutest cake toppers. We just love Kangaroo's and Koalas! We made the stationary ourself, and wanted to make sure it kept with the travel theme, and made postcards with outback landscapes. And our signature geometric patterns of course!  

The rest of the shoot took place in a woodland outside of Savannah, and was the perfect outback! The sand gnats were flying (and I still have scars from the bites) but the photo's turned out so good! The bride and groom played a round of cricket, a sport popular in Australia. What is cricket you ask? It's a bat and ball game played between two teams, kind of like baseball.. but with the ball being rolled and hit on the ground. (Did you know cricket is the second most popular sport in the world?!)

Every wedding needs a love teepee, right?! We laid out a sweet little teepee for our bride and groom, complete with cow hide rugs, patterned pillows, and a didgeridoo. (Every wedding needs a groom playing a didgeridoo!) We wanted her bouquet to be wild and textured, so we mixed roses with berries, greenery, dried lotus pods, and even an antler! 

{Vendor Credits} Styling, Flowers, Stationary by Ivory + Beau // Ti Adora gown from Ivory + Beau // Photography by Apt B Photography // Reception, food and drink at The Collins Quarter // Hair and Makeup by Michelle Royal // Cake by Rum Runners // Cricket provided by Savannah Cricket Club // Rentals from Savannah Vintage Rentals // Hat from Goorin Brothers