TIPS: The Biscuit Bar

Who doesn't love biscuits? I mean other than Nic, our kangaroo, I can honestly say I've never met a single human being who doesn't love biscuits... Buttery, warm, flaky, delicious biscuits. So why not have biscuits at your wedding? Especially in Savannah. There's not much more Southern than biscuits. 

One of our favorite biscuit bars we've ever had at a wedding we did was this beautiful display by J Thomas Catering for Amber & Paul's wedding. They had a large spread with fruit, cheese and then guests could choose between having biscuits and gravy or biscuits with jams and jellies. Seriously, the most delicious thing ever... Definitely would recommend considering a biscuit bar for your cocktail hour or even for a station during your wedding. Plus, carbs are always great if you have a wedding guest list of people who like to get a little rowdy and drink!! Amber & Paul's wedding was recently featured in the newest issue of Savannah Weddings Magazine as well! 

Next up was a simplified biscuit bar for our friends, Sarah & Joe, who got married last March at Brockington Hall. They wanted an inexpensive yet local treat for guests during their cocktail hour so we got warm biscuits from Baker's Pride and then Sarah picked up a variety of honeys from Savannah Bee Company. And let me tell you I am not lying when I say that guests were swarming the biscuit bar like a honey hive. Paired with the Savannah Mule's signature drinks they did, it was an absolutely delicious and perfect cocktail hour. 

I think the best thing about the Biscuit Bar idea is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want and can work with ultimately any budget. What do you think of the biscuit bar? Is your mouth watering as much as mine is? Why on earth I decided to write this post while I'm doing so well on my new paleo diet is beyond me... But that's okay, I can keep dreaming and just wait for the next wedding with biscuits. x, nicole

{Photo Credits} Amber & Paul's Biscuit Bar via Rach Loves Troy // Sarah & Joe's Biscuit Bar via Alexis Sweet Photography