I + B FLORALS/IN THE PRESS: Live What You Love & a Pineapple

Twiddling my thumbs, tapping my heel, texting everybody in my phone, I realized maybe an accounting job wasn't quite for me. I needed to talk to somebody. I needed to get up, be walking around, be doing something. Staring at numbers felt mindless and numb. While I was good at it, it just didn't quite matter, just wasn't quite enough for me. In between hours of balancing statements I would surf the internet for anything and everything snowboarding. It was in the in-between time at work that I started daydreaming about what I really wanted my life to look like. While browsing snowboarding sites I ran across a snowboard that said, "Live what you Love" on it. I was inspired to make my life just that. I wanted to live what I loved everyday. I always told myself after that summer that I needed to do everything in my power to live what I loved. I didn't want a mindless numbing job sitting behind a computer being drained of myself. At the time I thought my life of love was going to involve working at snowboarding events, but sometimes life and God have other plans for you. 

Fast forward 7 years and here I am. Still sitting behind a computer, yes. But rather than daydreaming of having a job I love I am actually at that job I love. And while it may not involve snow, professional snowboarders, beanies and a down parka... it involves way cooler things that I love even more than I knew possible. Flowers, weddings, dresses. It's a dream come true and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is real life, I live what I love, and that tattoo I got on me is not just a daydream, but my own personal reality. So here today to share some behind-the-scenes pictures of me creating a bright fun colorful Valentine's Day floral arrangement photographed by Apt B Photography and featured on Savannah Soiree

While I may not be daydreaming about living another life, I will not lie... I am definitely daydreaming about a wedding where I get to put together floral arrangements that have pineapples in them... But seriously, how fun is that pink pineapple?! Yup, definitely daydreaming of a tropical wedding poolside at The Brice with summery cocktails with pineapple straws and bridesmaids in bright yellow with modern funky details... Maybe some inspiration from this shoot we did?? Pretty please, I am begging you. If you are ready this and want a tropical fun wedding please contact us for flowers and/or wedding planning. Would absolutely LOVE to be a part of that fête. 

But seriously... the pineapple.........!!!!!! 

I think one of my favorite parts about floral design is well everything. I love every stage of the floral design process... from the very first stages of creating a design proposal for clients with the flower types and varieties to the vases that will be used to then the ordering process to then seeing the design come to life. It's something that is one of my favorite things to do at work. I love getting to try and come up with new creative combinations and to see an idea in my head come to life. 

And to think when I was in high school I used to tell boyfriend's not to buy me flowers because I'd rather have chocolate... pffffftttt.... so funny how we change as we grow up. Anyway, to see and read more about this Valentine's Day shoot head over to Savannah Soiree! And if you are interested in a floral proposal click below to contact us!!!  x, nicole

{Photo Credits} Apt B Photography