TIPS: Find Wedding Inspiration [Online WITHOUT Pinterest]

Today while perusing Pinterest for inspiration for a wedding styled shoot we are planning I started to get frustrated. I wasn't finding anything cool, unique or different and rather than feeling inspired I was just starting to feel like everything has already been done. No creative juices were flowing, but rather I was just feeling overwhelmed and so completely the opposite of inspired. So I got off Pinterest and looked online for inspiration elsewhere. I needed to get away from anything wedding related, I needed fresh inspiration from something that has absolutely nothing to do with weddings. And I know it sounds so totally weird, but trust me... it works in a really cool way. And the ideas that come out of it are more unique and different than any idea you will get from Pinterest. So here today to talk about how totally non-related wedding images can provide some inspiration for your wedding. The images below are found via my 2 favorite Tumblrs: The Glitter Guide and YEAH! Rentals. Both have random images of all sorts of things from paintings, patterns, places, people, anything and everything you can think of and while scrolling through you never know what sort of inspiration you will stumble across. 

Patterns, prints, graphics. Do you have a favorite painting in your home that has all your favorite colors and just seems to speak to you? What about a favorite pattern that you love? What may just look like a random picture filled with splotches of color can easily be transformed into the groundwork for your colorful playful modern pool-side wedding with orange juice smoothie daiquiris, large balloons and retro style furniture. 

Maybe you find it hard to visualize an entire wedding based on something like a painting, but you can still use images like these to draw inspiration for one aspect, like a cake... or your centerpieces... or your invitation suite... How pretty would a pale blue diamond inspired wedding cake be? Or incorporating an ombre blue pattern throughout your florals? 

Interior design... I mean aren't weddings kind of sort of like decorating a house to a very small degree? So why not take inspiration from a favorite room you love, whether by using the colors, the style/era, vibe, etc. to come up with the way you want your wedding to look and feel? For anybody who knows me you know I absolutely love anything with a southwestern or aztec vibe and a living room like this transformed into a funky wedding would be a dream come true. The textures, the antlers, the abundance of the color gray... it's all so quirky and it's just everything.

Or maybe you're more like Adrienna. Lover of all things girly, pink and floral. Your wedding inspiration may be easily pulled from an image like the one below... color palettes of pinks, blushes, neutrals, ivories and a pop of navy blue. I'm envisioning wood tables with preppy white modern vases, fluffy blooms, elephants somehow incorporated, with gold flatware and navy blue napkins that are actually a floral print pattern as well. See? One picture and you have the basis for your inspiration for your entire wedding day. 


You can really gain inspiration from non-wedding related images in so many ways... hanging plant centerpieces? Painted twig escort cards? A dance floor of balloons? Pretty images can provide so much inspiration without even being something that relates to weddings. 

And who knows, maybe while scrolling through Tumblr you may just happen across something that makes you smile very wide... how about them cats? 

{Photo Credits} #1 Pattern via The Glitter Guide // #2 Diamonds via The Glitter Guide // #3 Living Room via YEAH! Rentals // #4 Office via The Glitter Guide  // #5 Hanging Plants via YEAH! Rentals // #6 Twigs via YEAH! Rentals // #7 Balloons via  //  #8 Cat via The Glitter Guide // Bike (header) via The Glitter Guide