Alexis & Daniel

So it looks like Ivory & Beau has made it's way to Ohio! Sometimes I can't believe how small the world is! So for those who don't know I'm from Ohio (This is Adrienna by the way!) I'm from a little town outside of Cleveland, called Warren. And our bride Alexis? She's from a town not far away, in Youngstown! And this photographer? In the same area. And friends with a girl I went to high school with. YEP! You can say it's crazy how everyone is connected! So when Alexis came in to find her dream Anna Campbell I was soooo excited that one of my gowns was going to be photographed back home! Alexis picked Coco, and in her words she "felt like a rockstar" on her wedding day (which is the best kind of praise you can get!) Thank you Tracy Lynn Photography for sharing these with us!

Coco gown by Anna Campbell from Ivory & Beau // Photography by TracyLynn Photography