Recap of Hurricane Matthew & Bridal Market

Well, first things first... I hope everybody stayed safe during Hurricane Matthew!! And I hope everybody was able to return to their homes fully intact!!!! We just got back yesterday to a house that is still standing with no damage besides a missing shingle or 2 and a part of a fence that fell down, and so we are feeling very grateful and thankful that the damage wasn't much worse. Sending prayers to all the families who were impacted much worse from the storm. There were a lot of down trees in our neighborhood that caused a lot of damage and praying that everybody was unharmed and is able to resolve their home and car issues quickly with little trouble from the insurance companies !! 

Now to something a bit more lighthearted... bridal market!!!!!! Unfortunately I can't say we were able to attend the market as we all evacuated the city and the airports closed down and while we had tried to get flights out sooner I think it was also everybody else's plan to also try and get flights out because that was an impossible feat that we gave up on after 1.5 hours on hold with Expedia... But the good news is we are back and we are so glad to be back. We have power at Ivory & Beau, not at home, but that's okay because we have more than our share of work to catch up on!! So... bridal market! 

Bridal Market is that time of year that happens twice, Spring & Fall, where we get to see all the new bridal styles that are coming out for the next season. We typically just visit New York City where the town is hustling, bustling and busy as can be. We travel around city by Uber from stop to stop to watch bridal fashion shows, visit designers in swanky hotels, attend bruncheons and meet with all of our other boutique friends. To say it's one of my favorite times of year is probably an understatement. So we were a tad sad we didn't make it but that's okay because the sneaks on Instagram from other boutiques and our designers have us SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. The new dresses are good y'all. So so so so good. Like sooooooooo good. So here are some of my favorite sneaks we creeped on Instagram!!!! 

First things first... oh the love of my life designer crush Hayley Paige and the new Blush by Hayley Paige collection. I am soooooooooooo head over heels with the sneaks. From the most unique gorgeous lace I have ever seen to layers and layers of tulle and that Hayley Paige horsehair lining and the funky backs and the blush and the sparkle. Love love love love love. 

From glam to bohemian... Daughters of Simone did not fail to impress this market!!! There are 2 from this newest collection that I want in my life immediately. Their lace is absolutely gorgeous and the unique back details is just stunning. I just know our Savannah brides are going to looooooooove these and awe over them just like we are!!!! 

Our friend Mackensey Alexander attended the For the Love Retreat a few months back too and got to see the Daughters of Simone dress up close & personal before anybody and captured some breathtakingly gorgeous images from the retreat!!!! Follow Mackensey Alexander on instagram from more gorgeousness (& she does wedding photography anywhere and is completely open to traveling - highly recommend this lovely lady for your wedding coverage!!!)

  Photo via:   The Wedding Bazaar

Also, we got super lucky with Daughters of Simone because we didn't have to do quite as much creeping on Instagram to find sneaks from the collection because the smart sisters behind the brand put together an entire lookbook on Instagram!!!!!!! Here are some of my favorites... and to see more follow @dos_lookbook


Next up we have our newest designer, Maggie Sottero!!! We have been so head over heels in love with the dresses we have received so far from this collection and we actually did get to see these dresses in person at the Atlanta Bridal Mart in September!! Also, we are so excited to announce that we are adding on the collection Rebecca Ingram, which is another collection by Maggie Sottero. The line features amazing dresses all under $1,500 with most even under $1,200. This shot I captured at the runway show of this blush ballgown beauty is my absolute favorite from the new collection! The best part about these dresses is we will be getting them in our shop in the next few months!!! So... side note, both of these collections already have the stock images up online but considering this post is all about our Instagram stalking abilities, I figured I would continue that same trend and forget posting the fancy pretty pictures and just show the fun IG ones, so get ready for the fun!!!! 

  Photo via:   Masatoonoda

Photo via: Masatoonoda

  Photo via: @ dblankstyle

Photo via: @dblankstyle

  Photo via:   BridalGuide

Photo via: BridalGuide

So with all that being said I hate to cut this short as we do have other amazing designers as well and while I wish I had more time to give shoutouts and sneaks from all of them we are completely swamped, not by water thank goodness, but just by e-mails and all the catch-up work that we need to do!!!! If you are interested in shopping wedding dresses at Ivory & Beau click below!!! We can't wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!!! And while many of these styles we won't have until early next spring, we are getting new styles in constantly! Thanks for reading and again hope you all stayed safe during the storm!!!! xoxo, n