Hmmm... where to even start about Stephanie and Eric? I guess maybe first things first I have to say that they were one of the sweetest and happiest couples ever. Just put yourself in our shoes... on their wedding day it was raining. Not just raining a little bit. Not even raining a lot. It was torrential downpouring. Not just that but their wedding venue was flooding. I kid you not... flooding. FLOODING. I can still remember that morning... I was at the shop while our team was on-site doing all of the setup and I get a text from Nic saying the venue is flooding. I was thinking haha, yeah right, flooding, uh-huh, sure. Oh gosh she wasn't kidding though. When I arrived I was on the wrong side of the pavilions and the venue was completely flooded to the point where the only way for me to get across was for the staff at Old Fort Jackson to literally PULL ME ACROSS IN A CANOE. Can I just say panic mode just a little bit?! Guests, bridal party, everybody arriving in a few hours and guests were going to have to walk through feet deep water to get to the dry part.

My first thought was the bride NEEDS rainboots. So we frantically got our roommate to go out and buy her rainboots. I cannot describe how worried I was that they would be upset with the rain or the fact that we had to use a rain back-up. I mean you just never know right?! Well, boy was I wrong. This couple... so seriously in love. You just know they're in love when they don't let a WHOLE LOT OF RAIN ruin their day. Stephanie was all smiles when she walked down the aisle wearing rainboots. She rocked those things all night. I absolutely loved that she didn't even bother to drop her dress while walking down the aisle but rather just wore those rainboots proudly. That being said, their wedding was a whole lot of fun. These guys knew how to party. They danced so much that at one point I was even a little concerned the stage was going to break but hey they had an amazing time. They were so gracious, sweet and just seriously happy. It was so refreshing to see a couple not let anything get in their way from having a wonderful wedding day. Huge huge huge congratulations to the adorable sweet couple - may your life always be filled with dancing in the rain, not letting the little things get to you, and lots and lots of fun!!!!!! -Nicole

The rain held off in the morning, allowing Izzy Hudgins to take some gorgeous portraits of Stephanie and her bridal party. We loved her girls blush gowns, especially the sequin one! Stephanie wore a lace gown with sheer illusion back. Our favorite image has to be her dad seeing her for the first time. First looks with your dad make the sweetest moments.

For her flowers and decor, Stephanie wanted bright warm colors, with orange daisies, soft blush garden roses, and our favorite flower, protea. For the reception we added wildflowers for a relaxed feel. We love when a bride wants to play with color! We kept the remaining decor simple and clean, with some touches of crochet lace and burlap. 

{Vendor Credits} Wedding Planner and Flowers by Ivory + Beau // Photography by Izzy Hudgins // Ceremony and Reception at Old Fort Jackson // Music by Velvet Caravan Band // Catering by Creative Catering // Rentals from Amazing Event Rentals // Cake by Wicked Cakes // Hair by Posh Hair by Lindsay, Makeup by Lindsey Wirht // Trolley from Old Savannah Tours // 

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