TIPS: Terrariums & Green Wedding Centerpieces

I've heard it a few times from brides... including my friend, Rachel, who recently was married last October. She didn't want a ton of flowers for the centerpieces and she wanted to do something that she could let guests take after the wedding. She also loves succulents and terrariums, and so that is exactly what we did. Rachel collected glass vases in all different shapes and sizes and we put together really badass terrariums and spray painted some gold cats to hide in them since she loves cats. Not only were they more affordable than flower centerpieces but they were super freaking adorable and guests could easily take them after the wedding, so it's perfect for those eco-conscious brides who want to have as green a wedding as possible. Here today to share some links to help you re-create this easy wedding look. 

So I'm pretty much obsessed with anything and everything from Luna Bazaar. Here are some of my top picks that would make some really awesome vases for terrariums... and while the pictures show them filled with buds, candies and errrr sponges... they could be used for a terrarium with lil gold dinosaurs and be the cutest most adorable lil terrarium you did ever see.

{Shop} Hyssop Design Apothecary // Saffron Design Apothecary // Juniper Design Apothecary

Or... what about some hanging jars? 2-in-1 aisle markers and centerpieces? So many different options.

{Shop} Art Deco Hanging Jar // Diamond Design Hanging Jar // Hexagon Hanging Jar

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{Photo Credit} Rach Loves Troy