TIPS: Lighting & Ambiance

So you say you want a romantic wedding? And what screams romance more than lighting, candlelight and ambiance? String lighting under a full moon? Tapered candles illuminating a room? Chandeliers hanging over a dance floor? It's all just so... magical. So here I am today to talk a little bit about well, the awesomeness of lighting, a few tips, a few comments, a few rambles... 

1. Dimmers are crucial. Nothing makes for more awkward dancing than when a reception is too brightly lit. But seriously, you don't even want to know how awkward Aunt Shirley looks getting down to "Hotline Bling." Some companies include dimmers complimentary whereas others charge a hefty sum for these so it's important to compare this cost when obtaining quotes from lighting vendors.

2. Tapered candles usually are not allowed. This really makes me very sad I must say. Because I just love tapered candles. But let's be real, I totally understand why they normally aren't allowed. Just picture if you have big drapey floral arrangements next to a tapered candle you are just asking for a fire. [How on earth we didn't start a fire at Emily & Robert's wedding (see picture below) is completely behind me because with all that foraged greenery it just seems that a fire was probably inevitable.] But anyway, if you're a tapered candle lover and your dream wedding is filled with tapered candles then you best be asking this question when considering venues. 

3. Uplighting vs. string lights? Do you have a smaller budget to spend on lighting? If so, I would and will always recommend going with string lighting over uplighting. Oh, you don't know what uplighting is? Well, as defined by Google, "uplighting is when lights are placed on the ground and aimed to project light off the wall or at a particular object." Our clients usually go for a white or golden uplight, but you can get all sorts of crazy with these... think blue, purple, red... whatever your heart so desires. Although I have heard that red uplights tend to make a room look like the fiery pits of hell... just saying.

4. Waterfall string lighting is the coolest thing ever. Personal preference of course, but I absolutely love waterfall string lighting. I just think it is the most magical way string lighting can ever happen. 

5. Marquee lights are so cool. They look really rad, they light up the way, they're fun and you can use them for so many different things... like directing your guests to the photo booth, spelling out your initials, or "cake," or "love," or just whatever you think is cool. Savannah Vintage Rentals does have some letters you can rent or I definitely recommend heading over to Etsy to see what vintage marquee letters you can find on there. 

6. Did ya'll know there was a thing called pin-point lighting? And that it can be directed to point down a certain point of interest... such as your really super beautiful gorgeous wedding cake by A Squad Bake Shop? So when the rest of the room is more dimly light, your gold foil cake is shining and making everybody's mouths drool. Love love love. 

7. No better way to personalize a wedding reception room than with a custom monogram shone on the wall. It's a great way to bring together the entire wedding vision... monograms can be used throughout the wedding on invitations, menus, signage, etc. to really make the wedding come together and be a cohesive look.

What are your favorite lighting trends? Also, if you are interested in our wedding planning services click below to get more information on how we can help bring your vision to life! 

{Photo Credits} #1-4 from Emily & Robert's Wedding: Mackensey Alexander, lighting by: Amazing Event Rentals // #5-7 from Daniela & Pedro's Wedding: Izzy Hudgins, lighting by Advanced A/V Rentals