TIPS: How to not let RAIN ruin your day?

Rain. Rain back-up plans. Cue the moaning. I know, I know. We live in Savannah? I mean c'mon? Savannah is known for sunny days, perfect weather the majority of the year, and just being a beautiful city in general. But, that being said, we do get rain. Sometimes a lot of rain. Like so much rain that it's flooding and the city is just crazy bonkers and everybody suddenly forgets how to drive. And I get it, we all dream of perfect weather on our wedding days. And rain sometimes can feel like it will completely ruin your big day. And trust me, the last thing we want to deal with on your wedding day as wedding planners is having to call plan B, the dreaded rain back-up. It's just stressful, and chaotic, and crazy. But I guess that's why you hire us because we do all that crazy maneuvering to make the wedding still go off without a hitch regardless of the torrential downpour. But anyway, here are my top tips to not letting rain ruin your day. 

1. Have a rain back-up plan that you are happy with that includes photo locations. If working on your own you will need to consider all of the pieces of the puzzle (i.e. the vendors) and what the rain back-up means to them. If you have a planner then they will take care of this part for you, typically with a chart or a timeline that details when the rain back-up is to be called, what vendor does what, goes where, and how it all comes together. And most importantly, make sure you are totally happy with the rain back-up. This will ensure that if the rain back-up does have to be called that your dreams don't feel as though they are completely and entirely crushed. So you may need to consider not only where the ceremony will be moved to but also where your first look, family portraits, etc. etc. will be taken. Photographers are great at helping with ideas too that will ensure they have great lighting still regardless of having to be inside.

2. Be decisive AND listen/trust your wedding planner. Savannah is known for rain showers that last an hour then go away and that can be hard for a bride trying to make a decision about whether to call it or not. But on your wedding day, it's best to just be decisive rather than going back and forth. If you do have a wedding planner then let them decide. They know realistically when the latest the call can be made and have your best interest in mind when they make the decision. They know how long x, y, and z takes to be set up. Plus, if you followed tip #1 then you'll be happy with whatever outcome it is. 

3. Remember why you are in this moment. Hello? You're getting married!! This day is a huge day. This is one of those days you will remember for the rest of your entire life. This day is the day you say I Do to the person you are committing the rest of your life to. Seriously, is letting rain ruin your day more important than that?! Plus, if you're cranky it will show in your wedding pictures and not just that but do you really want to look back and remember how upset you were or just be happy that your day was still amazing regardless of what Mother Nature is doing? 

4. Be prepared. Yup, if weather ain't looking good then don't waste any time in going out and buying some adorable rainboots, some matching umbrellas, whatever props you may want. Remember, photos are the only thing you have after the wedding (other than a husband) so you are going to want to make sure you still make the most out of the time you have with your photographer. Some of the cutest most adorable pictures we have are of couples in the rain so still make sure you take full advantage of every moment.

5. Last but not least, rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day and in the end only you can control your emotions. Okay, so this one is kind of the same as tip #3 but I just feel it is so important and just maybe needs to be reiterated. Make the most of the moment you are in. Surround yourself with your friends, have fun, do whatever necessary to bring your spirits up. For some that may be watching funny cat videos, for others may be having a pillow fight with your bridesmaids, for others maybe having a stiff drink. Whatever it is just do it so that you can get over it and have the best day of your life. 

What tips do you have for not letting rain ruin your big day?? Would love to hear from you! Also, if interested in our wedding planning services we are still booking a few more weddings for 2016 and are booking for 2017 - click below to contact us for more information about our services!

{Photo Credits} Stephanie & Eric via Izzy Hudgins // Clarissa & Max via Happy Bloom // Christina & Greg via Jeff + Mollie