DIY: Photobooth Backdrop

I just can't even say enough good things about Emily & Robert. These guys were the sweetest raddest most funky couple. Their wedding was chock full of some of the coolest funnest details I have ever seen, so much of it completely DIY by the couple. I mean, I guess when you make movie props for a living it just makes sense that you would have some of the most badass DIY things at your wedding. That being said, today I'm not here to share all the little details from their wedding but rather I'm here to share one of the coolest things ever that a client has ever let? hired? trusted? choose? us to do? I don't even know what word fits best. I mean yeah, they technically hired us to make this photo booth backdrop for them, but I mean seriously? I don't even feel like that word is the right word because this to me was more like a dream come true. A client hiring ME to make them a photo booth backdrop that they HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S GOING TO LOOK LIKE?!!? Coolest. Dream. Clients. Ever. 

The inspiration for the backdrop was... botany, industrial chic and the color palette of the rest of their wedding. I looked high and low for a cool botany wallpaper. But truth be told they just don't exist. I mean unless you want a wallpaper that looks like you're in grandma's house. (No offense to any grandmas out there reading this, I'm sure your house is really cool and filled with love and warm baked chocolate chip cookies, but when your clients are super rad then I mean... you get the point.) So I became a little stumped. My whole original idea and concept was to incorporate a cool botany wallpaper then somehow intertwine greenery throughout to make it look like a living wall, but it seemed like that idea was going to be harder than I had originally thought. So hmmmm, back to square one. Which for me... square one almost always means Google. So off to Google I went... looking high and low again for anything botany and lo and behold I came across the most amazing site in the entire world that was the equivalent of something electrical being plugged into a socket and then a lightbulb turning on. (Now if only my boyfriend were here he would probably know all the technical terms, but whatever - site = lightbulb = new idea = let's go.)

This site. Seriously most amazing site ever. Now if only I lived in a house with blank walls everywhere and I could just go haywire and print out all the pictures of all the animals I love and put them all over and it would be the happiest place in the world and it would be like a zoo and I'd be so happy with my cats and I would be eating chocolate chip cookies and it would just be merry. But seriously, this site. It was the largest encyclopedia/glossary of all the botanical and animal illustrations you could ever imagine. I was in heaven. Who needs to buy a botany/animal wallpaper when you can just make your own that's unique and unlike any other you've ever seen? And that's exactly what we did... we cut, and we cut, we cut some more, and we cut even more, and then we kept cutting, and we cut and cut and cut. And after we finished cutting we glued, and we glued, we glued some more, and we glued even more, and then we kept glueing, and we glued and glued and glued. And ta da. Photo booth backdrop unlike any other you have ever seen by the I&B team. 

Can't wait to share more from their wedding coming soon from the fabulous Mackensey Alexander!!!

Huge thank you to Emily & Robert for trusting us to make this happen!!!!!! And we wish you both a really amazing wonderful love-filled happy first year of marriage and many more after that!!! You both were such sweet, kind, gentle-hearted people who deserve so much happiness with each other and your dog, Serif. Sincerely, Nicole + I&B Team


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{Vendor Credits} Photography: Mackensey Alexander // Venue: Roundhouse Railroad Museum // Planning & Design: Ivory + Beau