I+B COUPLES: Alyssa + Ryan

Alyssa + Ryan are one of those couples we love being able to help out with their wedding day because they are so fun, quirky and have such awesome style. Plus this couple seriously loves animals... I can't even remember how many animals they said they have. We are beyond excited to be a part of their big day next summer at Soho South Cafe. The details we have in store are going to be so fun and we love that their engagement session so perfectly matches their wedding day - a woodland theme with lots of natural elements and animals galore. Anyway, huge congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for sharing your adorable engagement photos with us!!! <3

Date Engaged: 1. October 12th 2014

How and where did you meet? We met each other through mutual friends in downtown Savannah. Ryan was in the Army serving as a medic and I was working for an animal hospital close to home. Ryan is originally from New Jersey and had a 9 month deployment standing between him and heading north to go home. We met casually once before his deployment at a dance club. Ryan left for Afghanistan shortly after their meeting, and that was that. Or so we thought. About 9 months later we were reconnected when the soldiers starting coming home. We flirted while out with friends for a few weeks, feeling the sparks. I really knew he was the guy for me when I lost my phone in downtown Savannah and Ryan tracked it down and bought it from a hobo for 20 bucks! From then, it was love. Ryan had just days left in the Army and had plans to return to New Jersey. As we fell hard for each other, these plans changed and he stayed. And we knew it'd be forever...

How did he propose? "Ryan spent months planning his proposal. Armed with a book of ideas, he conquered the hardest task first. Asking her Dad! Once Ryan received the blessing of Alyssa's father, the plans were set into motion. October 12th 2014- Sunday Ryan had Alyssa's mom take her out shopping for a while. Alyssa rushed through the trip not having a clue what was going on at home. Upon arrival to their house Alyssa jumped out the car and walked to the door. There she sees a paw-print shaped sign that says " Follow the paws". ( Alyssa is an avid animal lover) When she opened the door she saw paw prints lined down the hall towards the bedroom. She followed to a television set up in the middle of the room. In front of the TV is a huge heart shaped sign, hand made by Ryan with quotes about love. On the poster it told Alyssa to press play on the TV. When she pressed play Alyssa was taken aback when photos of the two started scrolling across the screen while it played All of Me by John Legend. At the end of the photo montage their was a video of Ryan. He read a poem he wrote just for her and expressed how he felt about her. He then told her to go to the dining room. Alyssa walked through the house to the dining room where Ryan was, surrounded by candles and flowers , down on one knee, asking the question of a life time. " Will you marry me?". And of course, She said YES!"

Why Savannah? I grew up just outside Savannah and spent a lot of time downtown. We met in downtown Savannah while at a dance club and have spent a lot of weekends enjoying Savannah's nightlife. 

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day? What we are looking forward to the most on our wedding day is spending a super fun time with our out of town friends and family. With Ryan being in the military , his friends are kind of all over the country. It will be a reunion of sorts and we can't wait for that. We are super excited to party with our family and friends. 

Anything else? We are super excited to be able to have the wedding of our dreams. We aren't what most people call normal and to be able to have a super cool and unique wedding is awesome. We are predicting our wedding being a pretty epic party, and that's what we really wanted!