4 Signs You Were Meant for I&B and I for You

While perusing Instagram and looking for a picture from Michelle & Johnny's Robotbooth to Instagram I ran across the most amazing picture I have seen... a bunny with an escort card from Michelle & Johnny's wedding. But not just any bunny, Cili Bunny... a bunny who has 15.5k followers on Instagram. And it sparked my writing brain juices. What are things that so many Ivory & Beau brides have in common? And so I'm here. Talking about 4 signs you were meant for I&B and I for you. I just have to insert some shameless bragging real quick before though. Our clients are so awesome and badass. Each couple that comes to us is fun, quirky, loving, eclectic, weird, happy, exciting all in their own ways. We work with so many different people from so many different places with different stories and different personalities but there just seems to be a few common denominators. {Disclaimer: if you are an animal hater we will still help you and love you just like you were one of our animal lover clients but we make no promise to not talk about our cats or love for dinosaurs around you.} Anyway, here are some things that we came up with that fit the I&B bride and groom so perfectly.

1. You love animals. Cats, dogs, bunnies, dinosaurs. You get caught off guard during meetings with us talking about your cat and all the cute things it does or your dog and its weird behavior during thunderstorms. We are animal lovers here to the extreme. On any given day you can find us laughing at funny cat pictures or sending each other snap chats of our cats. And don't even get us started about dinosaurs and our official mascot, Wilbur...

2. You love love. Love is what is behind it all. That's why we are here. That's why we work here and that's why you've come to us. We aren't just about pretty things, but we value true real deep love, the kind of love that you can just see when a couple walks into the room, electrifying love that is so real you can feel it in the air, the kind of love that glows during the first dance, the kind of love that shows during the first tear fallen on the wedding day. We love couples who are just seriously in love. 

3. You love having fun. You know that there are moments when of course you need to put on a serious face, but in reality you know that life is too short to spend it not laughing. Your wedding day is about fun for not just you but also your guests. A fun photobooth with crazy props, lots of delicious treats, a selfie station with polaroid cameras, a cozy lounge for guests to mingle. You know what weddings are all about, and that is the memories filled with laughter. 

4. You love being different. You aren't about doing what everybody else is doing. In the famous words of Celia Hodes from an episode forever ago on Weeds, "Let your freak flag fly." You're okay with showing your personality even if it might not be the norm. You are open to new ideas and desire to be a little different on your wedding day.

We are now booking for 2016 and 2017 weddings! We offer full service wedding planning as well as month-of/day of packages and floral design. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for our services click here to contact us! And huge thank you and kisses to all the past I&B clients!!! x, n